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I’m hoping to mount my rods on the garage’s backside. And I believe I have discovered the correct solution. On Amazon, I believe I found the right solution. So let’s see if my strategy works. So, the hooks have just arrived. These are designed specifically for curtain rods and have a small amount of adhesive on the back. However, based on Amazon reviews, this adhesive is a miserable failure. So basically, all you’ll need for this install I’m going to try are these little Amazon rod clips for curtains, that also have little screw holes if you’d rather put these on the wall. But I think this could work well on the back of a garage door.

Gorilla Tape and Rod Clips

Another thing I got since these adhesives were trash, according to Amazon reviews, is some gorilla tape, which is supposed to be rated to 30 pounds. My experience with Gorilla products has been very positive. This cost about 6-7 dollars at Lowe’s. So this will be a budget project. And, hopefully, it will work well again, probably right here. And just to demonstrate how these clips work, notice how it is spring-loaded right there. And when you pull this tab up, it opens up to accept the rod. So we’ll attach them, and they should fit right over the rod and clip right in.

Prep the Surface

You want some really strong adhesion, take that gorilla tape just enough that you’re gonna need. And we’ll want it resting, facing up. So before we put the rod holders on, let’s go ahead and prep the surface by cleaning it off. All right moment of truth for one rod. Let’s see if it works. it’s already adhering well can pull on it and the whole garage is moving. So I think we should be safe there. That’s looking pretty strong.

Now let’s add some more.  But I’m going to keep you guys updated in the comments if for some reason this fails. This is going to be cool because we get to use all of this typically unused area in the garage and make it useful.

That’s the whole idea with this. Just will make things very convenient. So eventually, I’ll be able to line up all of my fishing rods. I got a whole bag full of rod holders left that I can use as I start bringing all of the gear over. Yep, that’s sturdy. Just make sure you use the right adhesive. It worked perfectly. If you guys are looking for these, the links are below, as well as that gorilla tape, altogether, you can have storage for 10 rods with minimal costs.

So, below $30 You’ll be able to do this for a lot of your rods if you just have them laying around as I do sometimes. This is a solution that might work for you guys. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it holds, but I am stoked about the solution. It’s very stable.  Now I will say that these are not the biggest receptacles so those big rods won’t work. This is probably more of your smaller lake setups or your salmon gear, but not for those big sticks. Let me know what you think. Alright guys, four hours later, and everything’s still holding strong yep very solid. Descriptions for products are shared below. 

Curtain rod holders: (can’t find the 2- 10 packs used in this video)

Gorilla tape:

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