Minimize wasted meat when filleting fish

We get a few comments here and there about why we scale and gut fish if we’re filleting. There’s a few reasons for scaling. One reason is breaking through scales with your knife can dull your blade. Next is it’s just plain messy. It’s good to just handle all the mess and clean it andContinue reading “Minimize wasted meat when filleting fish”

Salt Baked Striped Bass Catch & Cook

This was a challenging catch and cook. Fortunately, even with the tough conditions and slow lure bite, we were able to get 1-21 inch striped bass on the Calissa Suspending minnow (Sardine Glow) Here’s the recipe for the Striped bass you’ll need 1 pound of course salt per pound of fish 1 egg per poundContinue reading “Salt Baked Striped Bass Catch & Cook”